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The Pride and the Heat

It’s the first year in DC that I stay until late spring in June. And I feel obliged to check out Capital Pride.

I skip all the parties and the parade. Unfortunately, I missed the Equality March due to time conflict with my regular Sunday gym class. (Obviously, that’s my priority.) The only event I go is the Festival.

But I stay there for about two hours because the heat and humidity is just too unbearable. Although I find some similarities and differences with Sydney Mardi Gras, it is too much to dig deep into it. Besides, the event doesn’t really engage to stay until my volunteer shift starts at 7.30 pm. So, I just log on the volunteer portal and cancel it. They could live without me.

It’s the first LGBT celebration since I left Sydney. My takeaway is that I have moved on. It doesn’t get me excited and having fun with discovering and sharing it like I took photos of Fair Day event for the first time ten years ago.

In fact, I have been over this scene for a long time. My last engagement with Mardi Gras was in 2010 when I got a rooftop spot to shoot the whole parade. However, I consider my early works on LGBT exposed myself to the world and I am grateful for that. That could be the main reason for my feeling of obligation for the Pride this year.

A Talk at Korat

A classmate of mine at Thammasat University who teaches at Suranaree University of Technology asks in the Class private group on Facebook if anyone of us wants to be a panel in a career talk for the students. I put my hands up for a number of reasons.

First, obviously, it is an opportunity to share my experiences to the students. There are too many aspects to talk about my career when tracing back when I was in event management business, hospitality in Australia and back here in Bangkok as a World Bank employee.

Secondly, it is interesting to see a rough picture of a university outside centralised Bangkok. The university is located in Nakon Ratchasima or Korat province, the gateway to the northeast of Thailand.

Most of all, I actually have not caught up with many of my friends since I moved back to Thailand. In fact, for some, we have not met since the graduation, including the organiser. It will be good to have a mini class reunion. Looking at the panels as ordered in the poster:

  1. Nat Sumanatemeya, one of the best underwater photographers in Thailand
  2. Paranee Techawatanasomboon, Co General Director, True Digital Content and Media
  3. Piyawan Sangtong, Marketing Communication Manager, True Digital Plus Co., Ltd.
  4. Chawida Watinchai, Senior Reporter, Thai News Network
  5. Patra Sangdanuch, Author, PatraBooks
  6. Anna Bunchai, Author, Likit Rak See Kram
  7. Me
  8. Sommai Lertularn, Screenwriter, Before Valentine
  9. Arnon Dangsirisangtong, Flight Attendence, Thai Airways International

The talk will be held on 8 April, 1-4 pm at Auditorium Floor 4, Library Resources and Educational Media Center.

Will post about the trip and talk later.

Mardi Gras Parade 2010

Mardi Gras Parade 2010 from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

I was not planning to take any photos for Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras this year (2010) but the night before the parade, the producer told me they could get me an access to the rooftop of Oxford Hotel and I could do whatever I want up there. I could not resist the temptation to create a classic time lapse of the Mardi Gras Parade.

It was shot manually frame by frame therefore the time ratio was intentionally various on what happened on the street. For instance, The clean up in the last few seconds in the video actually took as much the same time as the parade itself.

Music “Fast Forward (Flowchart Remix)” by Lali Puna

Mardi Gras Pre-Parade

Oxford Street

The vibe before the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade kicks start is as photogenic as the parade itself.

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