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Moon Festival, Cabramatta, one of the largest Asian Community in New South Wales. These bags were hung as shade for stage audience. I'm not sure it was a creative idea because the shade didn't work, instead, they made a scrap noise. But it surely made a fantastic texture and pattern. Moreover, its wavy movement when the wind blew was just cool.

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very graphic !! great :) i reckon it would look great in huge format !!

cedric 30 July 2004 12:12 AM

Great images, interesting patterns and colors.

Robin 3 May 2004 5:10 AM

Ok I hope I am not repeating myself here - just tried to post but it didn’t work. I was saying that I thought it was installation art when I first clapped eyes on it and I love the translucent effect. Its a great photo.

Liz 2 May 2004 8:32 PM

Exactly what the world needs most. More green plastic ;-)

nantel 24 April 2004 11:27 AM

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