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Hagia Sophia: Look up and You Shall Find…

I return to Sultanahmet for the interior of the two grand mosques in Istanbul: Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Whether you are a visitor or a worshiper, once you’re in the mosques, the architectures encourage you to look up. It is a visual feast to look at and take photos of. However, what you really find above is personal. I find lights, literally.

Ayasofya, officially known as Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, offers a classic characteristic of places of worship—a grandiose gesture of religions. It works, for thousands of years. There are spotlights from the sun through windows on the domes. I have to kneel down to get the camera angle right straight to the light sources above. While taking the shots, I think to myself, “Hah! This place gets you to pay a homage to it one way or another”. It touches me nonetheless.

Unfortunately, the Blue Mosque is under restoration. Its spectacularity still shines behind the scaffolds. And we still have to look up!

It is true that you cannot miss this historic neighbourhood. I’m glad that I have a better preparation than the first stroll around the complex. You can see more when you look inside.

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