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Animated Doodle: Golden Spiral Animation

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  11. Animated Doodle: Golden Spiral Animation

Finally, I get to the last instalment of this series. It is an extended animation of the personal project I was working on from July through October.

The original idea was a series of looped animations that progressed into a golden spiral each day.  When all the looped animations were in place, the spiral took shape in a just moment. And it continued on.

This animation, on the other hand, is an experiment to see how it’d work when the spiral figure is more permanent. Each looped animation appears in order. Then it freezes at the point that forms the spiral. Once the whole shape is apparent, it starts to dissolve from the first looped animation.

Music: signal by  Simon Mathewson, licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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