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In a Blizzard

As a boy from tropic, I wasn’t really looking forward to this Snowzilla, my first ever snowstorm saga. But it turned out to be an interesting small adventure in D.C.

I was preparing to stay in the house until it ended. Especially, I tumbled on the slippery street on the first snowy night. That was a bad alarm. But when it actually came knocking on your door in the morning with the white landscape on the street, the smooth-looking snow lured me out with the camera.

I decided to take the regular route from Mount Pleasant to Adams Morgan. The condition was tough with 30-cm snow and the freezing wind. Still, I wasn’t alone on the street.

However, the camera (it’s the office camera, for disclosure) wasn’t prepared for it. When the snow landed on it, it turned into the liquid form. And that could be a big problem. My goal was to get to the destination, get lunch, and grab some drinks at the regular pubs.

Funny enough,  pubs were open as usual and I had too much to drink as usual.

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  1. Sammy 16 Feb 2016

    So much snow!!! I really like your shots!

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