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Overdue Tribute to Marjanishvili

My first exploration of streets in the Marjanishvili area was intriguing. I told myself I’d return with a proper photo walk one day. Shamefully, it didn’t happen until the very last day in Tbilisi. Seven months was long overdue to make my tribute to the ‘hood. Nonetheless, it was a privilege that this photo session was the final one in Georgia.

Like Kadıköy in Istanbul, Marjanishvili has a spot in my heart. It began right in the first week in the city—a night out at Fabrika. The next day I came back for a working spot. And I kept going to this hostel complex for beer and haircuts. They also properly introduced me to chacha. A month later, I joined a gym in the area. Several cafes were also good spots for remote working. My life routines were fulfilled with work, working out, and drinks in this neighbourhood.

After the trip to Baku, I was back in Tbilisi and stayed at Fabrika Hostel. Hence, I hardly take the Metro out of Marjanishvili except twice for drinks at another regular pub and for the last sulphur bath. The last day felt melancholic realising the final life routine I could do in the area: photoshoot, gym, and chacha. The pub owner shared a joint as I told him I was leaving for Amsterdam as a sneak peek at the next destination. Such an ultimate sendoff!

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