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Fallen PPE, December

This is it, the last post of discarded masks and gloves on the streets in Washington DC. A big wave of daily new COVID-19 cases in the city jumped from 143 in November to 252 (averaged from the official data) as I left for Bangkok at the end of the year. It was a bittersweet departure. This little project was my way to cope with the crazy time in the pandemic. It helped.

Looking back at the first post in May that I wondered how many shots would be taken for this collection. It’s almost 5,000 of them. (Note: it’s the number of images photographed, not masks and gloves found.) How they were shot and edited for Instagram also evolved along the past eight months. Practising your brain every day with photography steered my mind away from negative thoughts. So, each day I was hoping and anticipating to find them outside (with the precaution of the risks) to explore if they could turn into something visually interesting. Moreover, it gave me something I didn’t think I’d had it before the spread of the virus—a deeper connection to the neighbourhoods.

I have something in mind to develop on those thousands of images further in the future. For now, considering the documentation stage is pretty much done. Next stage? We’ll see.

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