Thoughtful Long Weekend

Right now, it is officially a rainy season in Thailand as the Buddhist Lent started yesterday. It is a long weekend in Thailand and I really need it even though it is not quite enough as I have just finally have my thoughts sinked in. Just…

I have been very frustrated with myself that I cannot produce any serious personal works since I moved back in Bangkok in December last year, and even let automated tweet archive dominate this blog. It is a doubtful time but a couple of pints ago I thought I had come to a good excuse.

On Peter Black’s blog I found Soften the Fck Up. The video realised me that I had just survived one of the most severe illnesses in Australia–depression.

You just need the time to allows you to heal to from the blue and then you can pick yourself up again and again and again. Well, this post could be the prove I can be back on track soon, hopefully with a self-reinvention.

4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Long Weekend”

  1. Take your time ‘Pong. Thoughtful and timely post. Been on that journey. Have been coming back up for air recently myself. I enjoy your tweets and I know those creative juices are fermenting within and that future moments of great art lie ahead.
    best wishes, John.

    1. @John, Thanks a lot. You know, one of the most fearful anxieties of creative people is to lose the mojo. I wish this head space could make me a comeback soon. 🙂

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