Locations, Locations, Locations

The story of my project is mostly set in a house but it’s not uncommon use two locations. My own place in Enmore is suitable for some scene and a lovely chap I know him via Twitter offered his in Surry Hills for the shooting. When I saw this house, it just clicked.

And it turns out that we almost shoot chronologically with the script except the beach scene but it will be shot first thing on the second day. That could be a very good thing since the cast and crew would get along better on the second day.

Coogee Beach was the last location found after a lunch with the key actors: Fay, Gerard, his mother, Anne and finally I met Alison, who led me to Gerard, in person. It was great to get to know them. Hopefully, the film would be a good experience for them as well as for me.

8 August 2009

3 thoughts on “Locations, Locations, Locations”

  1. There are of course the locations which were used in the final film. I reckon it’d be interesting to see some of the locations which made it to the shortlist but were not chosen, perhaps with your comments about why you made your choices.

    1. @Stilgherrian That’s a good idea. I’ll do that with the scene I cut out from the script when I have blogged all these original posts and the film has been screened at Chavel.

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