Good Bye Three

At least once in their lifetime, everyone has a hard time with their telco companies. Would an incident trigger you to leave them if you are not stuck with their plan?

In October, I noticed that my phone bill was doubled and it was only half through the month. I squeezed my time to call the wonderful Three Customer Service wherever it physically was. My enquiry was to ask if they could provide the detail of this unusual usage in the month. In the back of my head, I used the mobile a lot as a modem for the laptop which I paid $12 for 200 Mb but could not think of how I used that much for phone calls. They told me that the company did not produce a bill until the end of the month but I insisted and wanted to escalate to a supervisor for an explanation why the company could not do that since it was my money we were talking about. I was on hold for a while then they got back to me and informed that they would send me the details of my mobile phone usage of the month within 24 hours. But it was never sent.

Since then the Master study caught me up in a massive stress so that this issue seemed to be nothings. While those assignments were cooling down, I called them back two weeks later. By that time, my phone bill tripled up. They had the record that they should have sent the document but no one did it. Someone forgot or did not really care to follow up a complaint. Now, I was not interested in getting that detail anymore since they would do that in a few days as their normal routine. So I asked them if they could provide me a proper document stating how they mixed up with this case. Yes, I wanted it to be writing and official. I gave them a opportunity for me not to switch to other company. It was too much to ask to a call centre in India, presumably. They gave me two options. I could have the document I requested from the first call right away or $10 credit rebate. My head said they were going to bribe you with that and make it go away. That was too cheap.

Those offers did not satisfy me and I required speaking to a supervisor to get a proper statement. Then they told me that if I wanted to talk to a supervisor, the $10 deal was off the table. What!!!!!! Had not I been insulted enough? That was getting better and better. I laughed at it. They explain right away that if I wanted to get more refund, they could not give me on the spot. At that point, I needed to talk to someone in the company who could make me feel certain that Three is a telco company for me. I was put on hold, again and they got to me and informed that supervisors were very busy and they would call me within 48 hours, again. But the call was never made.

Then they sent me an SMS that their data plan had been changed but I did not have enough credit. It confused me and made me more anxious about the bill. I really did not want call them again so I started looking at a new phone with a new carrier and found one, Nokia N96 with Virgin Mobile. October’s phone bill has arrived and I crossed checked roughly. The usage was heavily on the production shoot in Cowra, which was absolutely fine if I had that list much earlier.

Thank you Three for messing up your customer. I could have been loyal but you gave me a chance to look for other better alternative which I deserved one.

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