The Long Lost Babies

One mission in Thailand trip was to retrieve my works in the past. When I decide to moved to Sydney, I was stupid to think that I could go back soon and left behind my art pieces that made me proud. Unfortunately, 6 six years on, the house I lived was sold, my belongings were stacked away in many places and I had no idea how they ended up. There were three items I missed the most: two artworks from high school and a film from university. However, they were found in the neighbour’s who was very generous to keep my stuff in their house.

Back in high school, I chose to study the program that taught both visual arts and science to aim for university entrance exams in architecture. (Do not ask me any chemistry now.) It was the best intuitive decision I had ever made because it cracked my vision potentials and also served my curiosity about how things worked.

Third Perspective Exploration

Third Point Perspective Exploration

Poster colour painting for the final mark in Composition class.

Hay Inspiration

Hay Inspiration

Mixed Media work for school art exhibition

It was a mixed feeling of joy and sadness when I rediscovered these long lost babies. Nevertheless, I decided not to bring these two works to Sydney and took pictures of them in their environment with the camera phone instead. It should have been enough to place them in my fond memories. Looking at the past, whether happy or painful, certainly helped guiding my lost soul to the future.

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  1. Stil, and you can see that there were no portrait involved. In fact, I struggled when it came to realistic approach. The top one in closer look, you’d see faded colours and bad execution. I’d love to redo it because the concept is still in my head, maybe in animation when with COFA.

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