Moments in 2007

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I cannot leave this 2007 without looking back through out the year:

  1. Thailand Trip. Five weeks was not enough to make up for over six years I had been away my homeland. However, the important parts are done. It helped me gaining back self-confidence and I got a chance to show Stil where I came from.
  2. Depression. Everything seemed to crash in the late 2006. The camera was dropped, old PowerMac was dead and the mental health went rock bottom. Although it is getting better and I have learnt to love myself more, there are some issues that need to be dealt with.
  3. Mardi Gras. The grand photographic theme of the year is to reflect Sydney’s multiculturalism. It kicked off with Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras that led to Mardi Gras: the Slide Show and won a prize.
  4. Sydney Songlines. Another on-going project is documenting abandoned chairs and dumped stuff on the streets of Sydney. This project of Metro Screen guided me to produce Anywhere Chairs.
  5. New MacBook Pro and blog. It is such an excellent machine. And Out to Space has expanded from a photoblog to a blog about my relationship to the world.

It is still a long way to go to archive the goals I have in mind. Thank you for all the supports and let your strengths lead you, your friends and family glide to the shiny 2008.

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