Zirkus Slide Show

My little project on Sleaze Ball is being exhibited as a part of Sleaze Slide Show nightly from 7pm onward from 4-14 October at Darlinghurst PhotoArt Space, 76 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

This is another exposure on the commercial gay street of Sydney. I am very pleased with my nine-minute slice of over-half-an-show slide show amongst other talented photographer:

One interesting thing, even though night event photography is not my strength because my gears are not the best for low light situation, the producer, Robert McGrath, edits my shots differently from my selection. For example, it comes to my surprise that he prefers to put this blurry take on the slide show in stead of the sharp one.

Blurred Break Time Break Time

He actually asked me at the media meeting that my style still involved shaky movement and I confidently nodded. I still do not regret deleting that image when I was being criticised in the party, though.

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