Zirkus Night

Sleaze Ball is a major fund raiser event for Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Each year has its theme for everyone to dress up with. This year is about being a freak in Zirkus. Entertainment Quarter is ready for a long night of self-indulgence.

Party goers are superficially fabulous. They come to me and ask if I want to take a photo of them. Posers are the least I am interested in but I just cannot say no to them. Then, a young man sees his photo on my camera display and comments “I don’t think it’s good, not sharp enough”. What a constructive criticism from someone who I have met for 30 seconds! I just shrug, walk away and delete the photo.

However, I decide to pursue my approach by getting intimate on the dance floor and stepping back in a distance in order to see in the different perspectives. It works. I find that it is the most enjoyable gay dance party I have been involved in.


RHIBreak Time


Spot Light

Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Water Bottles


Hordern FloorHordern Floor

Hordern Floor

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  1. Hry..Pong am tellin my JC frds about ur arriving Bangkok next month..and we plan to do a party for u..Umm. how about your place..where will u stay in Bamgkok wa.. don’t tellin me to help u.

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