Lost in Archives

This morning, I have just received a letter from Australian Museum dated 19 July 2005. It also encloses a receipt of Up Close and Spineless competition fee and photographs (above) I sent back in the year. Obviously, they did not win anything.

It must have been stacked away somewhere in the Museum for over two years. Nevertheless, the following year submissions (below) were sent back on schedule. No luck this time either.

Big Meal

I have forgotten all about the long lost photographs. In fact, I thought they were shredded and did not even bother putting any picture through the competition this year. All this time, my subjects of photography have been shifted from urban wildlife to something else. Heaps of insect images, including a photo essay on backyard micro ecology, are still in the archives, waiting to be processed and published on-line.

I am still very interested in these topics. However, watching animals in their habitats is no different from observing people and documenting their impacts on our surroundings. That is my role to contribute to the world, I guess. That leads to the next project on a bush walk. Hopefully it will happen before the trip to Thailand in November.

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