4 thoughts on “Simsonized ‘Pong”

  1. I’ve had a couple people say that Simpsonize Me doesn’t “do” Asians very well. And certainly the Asian characters in The Simpsons are stereotypes. Ironic given that apart from the keyframes all the animation is done in Korea.

  2. Hey Pong!!

    We will make some surprised for my best frd( Art) so we think it have to include u..plz record ur VTR for celebrate or speaking something to art..and plz..send url to me,Nueng for download and make it to VTR for Wedding Ceremony..don’t forget na Woiiii!!!! plz. make it before August21, Because Nat(hang) will edit on this day.

    Ps. Art(short) Knew ur call..but she can’t pick u up. Miss u : from Friends Frds 55555

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