Primo Italiano

I know! It has been a while since my last post Sydney events and I am way behind. It has been a busy month for me, making my short film with Metro Screen. Do you think it is a fair excuse?

This Sydney’s Primo Italiano celebrates the first Little Italy here. Stanley Street, East Sydney, is a cluster of cool restaurants and cafés but not really necessary representing Italian community any more. Nevertheless, the event has the vibes of its own, especially, the afternoon light that shines on the crowd is magical. Therefore I focus more on candid of the people. Not a bad day to spend.

Up There

Up There

On a balcony.


Watching the Future

On the street.

Cover Girls

Cover Girls Cover Girls

Street performance by Cover Girls.

Say Cheese

At Cafe

Sushi Girl


At shops and stalls.





Frank Bennett

On Stage.

Enjoy the Music

Behind bars.

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