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Phishing for Ideas

Calling TV Series Script Writers

Applications Close: Tuesday 31 August, 2010
Location: – NSW
Salary: Negotiable

We’re a Production company looking for television series scripts to develop and produce.

We’d love to hear from you if you have an idea for a television series!

There are no limitations on genre or style, we’re just on the hunt for some great ideas.

If you have something you’ve been working on that we might be interested in, please email us with:

  1. A one paragraph synopsis
  2. A copy of the script
  3. CV or information about yourself

Please email your applications to: xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com

Please note: Due to the pure inundation of emails you may not receive a response to your application.

Seriously, this is it, an advertising calling for TV series found on Screen Hub. Basically, they want to see your ideas for a television show, any ideas, and you might, just might, be contacted. It could be the greatest idea for television format ever created but you could lose it and you might not even know it. This smells really fishy.

The thing is ideas are not copyright protected. When you give an idea to someone and they use it, legally you cannot claim it is yours anymore. That may sound awful but I believe ideas are to share and to be worked on by a bunch of people or a length of time. Some idea might not see the light forever but eventually, they could become great inventions or masterpieces.

Either you are an emerging or establishing Production company (with capital P), and you want to produce something and you do not have an idea, why not start from what you are passionate about and develop it from there. When you put an anonymous job advertising with close to nothing to offer, it means whether you are a lazy bugger or a dodgy scammer.

I have emailed them to introduce myself and ask more about their profile but will not hold my breath to receive a reply since they are expecting  “pure inundation of emails” from desperate creative peeps. My brain sometimes works is a like train of thoughts running with fuel of ideas and it is not very healthy when you cannot stop it. That is why I need to create something to let those out otherwise it is going to implode. But I will let it be and have my gray matters splattered on a floor full of filthy, hungry rats rather than share my ideas with these people unless, at lease, I know who they are.

I’ll give you $10 if they contact me back.

Out of the Hole

I am still trying to squeeze what is inside me for the first draft of the final project script. The strategies have been applied but it is still being developed.

Looking at personal experience, it was very hard for me to revisit the lowest emotion. What I found that I felt so alone and fought it by myself. It overwhelmed me so that I could hardly write anything. It was to the point that I thought I chose the subject that was too close to myself.

Another approach was research. YouTube provided an invaluable source of mental illness, especially from the patients point of views. Watching people with these problems for hours was quite a daunting experience. I found beyondblue, DepressionCarer were very useful for my research.

What I am doing at the moment are:

  • The thoughts are organised by mindmapping technique.
  • The beginning and end, which are what I have in mind in the very first time, are put in Celtx.
  • The middle is the tough part for me but at least the structure has been laid down.
  • I take note of a random thought and a real life quote.
  • Some characters may to be added to build up a climax.

So far, this is a long process. And it is frightening too.

7 April 2009

Note: This is it! It is the last blog post on COFA blog I have on my own record. It is assumed that the next post there was the first draft of the script which I will not post it here, not in the near future anyway. However, I will post the process I can recall until it gets to the following semester when we, the Master of Digital Media, blogged about their project again.

Got Stuck

I have been thinking about my story for weeks but am stuck in the middle part of the story. Strategically, I need to answer these questions:

  • What is the story you are telling? It’s about depression. My partner was depressed and got out of it. But now I am suffering from it and slowly climbing out. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • What is the character that brings the story through? There are two main characters in this story: a depressed mother and her autistic son. I thought the mother would be the central character that was seen in the son’s eyes. On the other hand, it should be about the son who wants to help her. That is his hope that she will get out of the blues. He wants her to get to that light.
  • And who is the story for? I said it was for general audience. But on the second thought, it should be more specific. Depression is not an uncommon illness and yet to talk about. This story should speak to the people close to those who have the sunken feelings. They are the best cure even though it does not seem that way. You are the light even you don’t see it yourself.

The main conflict in this set up is the son senses his mothers misery but he feels useless to help her. He is afraid of losing her but she is slowly drifting away.

Although the son is set to be autistic, the plan is that he is off camera all the time until the last shot to reveal that he is the narrator of the film. His monologue portrays his feeling towards the situation not how could communicate to the mother. This is hopefully expected to get a punch.

It is clearer what is to be achieved after I write this blog. There are some strategies to get those juices out:

  • Personal experience I have to sit down somewhere and bring back those down emotions and examine how I coped with them.
  • Research I have read about autism and would like to get more depth in depression.
  • Metaphor Light has been mentioned a few times. It is what I can think of at the moment. There might be something less clich coming up.

Another issue I had was a technical one. I am a big fan of Celtx and have been using it for scriptwriting for sometime. Once I upgraded it to version 2.0, it froze. Celtx support forum suggested to clear cache. It took me many attempts to fix the problem. I downloaded from another source, deleted the old preference and re-installed the program. Now it seems to be working but still takes a while to load, though.

27 March 2009