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Reel to Real

Real to Real

I would like to think that somehow I still am a Buddhist even though it has been a while since the last time I committed Thai Theravada Buddhist ritual, possibly on my Birthday in Thailand years ago. It is the philosophy not the practice that matters. And it shows on my works.

My latest short film, Memory of You | Reflection of Me, is selected for Reel to Real Short Film Competition. The competition is a part of Buddhist Film Festival as one of events in Buddhist Festival Month. The film will be screened along with other eight short films in the theme “It’s not about me”. The filmmaker will get a chance to talk about their film after each screening. And there will be the judge award as well as the audience award.


2:15 pm – 4 pm, Saturday, 15th May 2010

The Footbridge Theatre, Glebe

Please check their website for full program and purchase tickets

The Purpose of Life

It has been a while since the last time I set my foot in a Wat (Thai Buddhist temple). Even though there is a Wat, Wat Buddharangsee, just around the corner where I live in Sydney, I only visit them once or twice. I often see a monk sweeping footpath and walking around the street. Thai take-away shop in the neighbour always offers them food as a merit making in Thai tradition. It is actually a very decent community.

In the past life back in Bangkok, I hardly went to monastery. I tagged along with my family when I was little, traditionally made merit for my birthday once a year and hunted for a fine astrologer occasionally. Nevertheless, I still tick the Buddhist box in the religion question if anyone asks. Its core philosophy makes sense when I question about life. It is not easy to find the single answer fits all. Buddhism does not necessarily give any solid solution that but surely gets you some perspectives. It is important for individuals to find their own paths to reach their achievements.

Anyway, a new book from Aukana Trust, a Buddhist charity organisation in UK, which uses one of my photographs as the cover, is out now. The Purpose of Life: The Essential Teaching of a Buddhist Master by Jacqui James, co-founder of Aukana Trust, is a compilation of his lectures.

Between these covers you will find a vivid and frank account of spirituality. This book is grounded in Jacqui Jamess experience of searching for and realising enlightenment, and subsequently teaching the Buddhas way.

In straightforward language Jacqui explains what genuine spirituality means, and in the process explodes many myths. There is a searching examination of Buddhism, asking: what is essential in the journey to enlightenment, and what is just tradition and folklore?

The emphasis throughout is on how modern women and men can apply the essence of the Buddhas teachings. Jacqui shows how this can improve life beyond measure, how it leads onward towards enlightenment, and why this is the purpose of life.

It can be ordered online through Wisdom Books. I cannot wait for the book to be posted; not only to see how the photograph is like on paperback cover but also to re-explore the thoughts of that guy who named himself the awaken one, Buddha.

Mobility of Faith


I still have got some materials from Thailand trip months ago. Whenever we got a taxi in Bangkok except on the drunken night, I took a chance to get a collection of taxi drivers’ worship: Buddha images, famous abbots, amulets of luck with or without a garland. These auspicious decorations are believed to prevent road accidents and bring more customers.

Please note that the second image is not a taxi but it just fits the theme perfectly.

The Lost Three Gems in the City of Gods

In the reference of Buddhism’s three jewels (Triratna-ไตรรัตน์) including Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, Thais are still deeply in following the way of Buddhism life. This is just my alternative views of the practice in Bangkok.

Lost Buddha

Lost Buddha

Found on a Bodhi tree on a street.

Lost Dharma

Lost Dharma

Chanting Tripikata for a blessing in Sanam Luang.

Lost Sangha

Lost Sangha

Waiting on a street market.

Residencies of Gods

Grand Parents, the Housekeepers

There are always rooms for gods no matter how crowded Bangkok is. Habitats of gods and spirits can be anywhere in any forms: elaborate shrines, old spirits houses, or even temporary set ups. They show how people spiritually relate to the lands and the offerings reflect the strong bonds between the both worlds, convenient ways to comfort their souls.

The Trinity at Central World Plaza
Still Dancers of Brahma
Spirit House Junction
Breakfast for the Souls
Fumy Spirit
Mother of Earth
The Shrine of Lion God
Plastic Devotion
Remain of the Belief
Broken Offers
Tree House Spirit
Sneaking through the Spirit