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The Tangible One



Finally, I have done DVD artwork and the label looks great in print. The front cover is not change much for the sketch. The lines are inspired by classic Thai drawing (I have to do something with at least one Thai influence). It is easy enough to crate in Illustrator even though it is not my ground of expertise. The background is the photography I took to animate in DVD Extras menu and played around in Photoshop.

The greatest thing I learn is what standard information they put on the cover and label: DVD logo, surround sound, DVD region and so on. The only thing I skipped is the rating since it is not classified even though there is a little bit of nudity.

Mixing surround sound design is a very interesting process. I will share it later. Next stop is the last stop�getting ready for the final presentation.

21 October 2009

Almost There

After the stress of trying to put the work up onto Annual 09 DVD catalogue and website, I feel the hard work is almost over, thanks to the extended deadline. There are two major tasks in the plan: surround sound and DVD production.

I have corresponded with Rafiralfiro regarding the soundtrack. Even though he could not write something new from the scratch for me, he sent me some unreleased tracks to listen. His works are amazing and he is excited to see his track in surround environment.

I have sketched DVD cover and structured the menu but unfortunately did not get a chance to present them on Week 9 assessment.


8 October 2009

A Nightmare Comes True

My worst fear has come true. Last night after the presentation, I felt tired for either hay fever or a cold. I caught the train and changed at Central Station while listening to iPod to relax. It was probable too relaxing and I was blurred. Next thing I knew I got off the train without the harddrive I was bringing back home every Thursday for the weekly back up.

First thing I ringed info line but it was out of business hour. With help of a friend on twitter who works for CityRail, I could locate where the train looped and got the numbers of the stations but it was too late in the night. No one heard anything. The best thing I could do was to call the info line in the morning.

What has been lost?

Basically, everything I have been working on this project in the week and some projects:

  • Visual edit of fine cut 05. I still have low-res of Fine cut o6 in my thumb drive to as a reference.
  • Sound design. Luckily, I work the audio on studios harddrive and it could still be there in CG15.
  • Colour grading work. I will have to re-adjust it when CG13 is ready again.
  • After Effect composite in Lounge scene. This could be redone easily and I like to tweak it a bit anyway.
  • Last semesters work. Joy still have that folder.
  • The video art project I initiated during the break. Its the only one that I dont have any back up anywhere but I have the DV tape and can start again. (If I feel inspired)

Retrieval Plan

Obviously, it cant be waited for a mishap to dissolve itself. The goal is to catch up progress of the week work last in the weekend so that I can go on with the project next week. The actions are:

  1. Get a new harddrive. It has to be FireWire since I work Final Cut Pro from the hard drive. La Cie rugged or Western Digital Passport II are my choices.
  2. Retrieve Pro Tool files from CG15. The room is booked for 30 minute for that.
  3. Retrieve the latest version of fine cut I have from my back up.
  4. Spend most of the time trying to match the work-in-progress: fine cut, composite and rough colour grading.

Lesson learned

What I have really lost is the plan to do other things today: research on other project, assignment and stress. There should be more sufficient back up plan for it. Not only for this project but for my entire archives. Weekly back up may not be enough when a disaster strikes. Everyone, please take me as an example.

25 September 2009

Post-Production Juggling

Although I felt relieved after the re-shoot and have started editing for few days, there are still many things to do in post-production:

  1. Visual edit at the fine cut stage but Id like to start sound design to get the feel and mood and take that to the account in final cut. I still need a clearance to use Mrs Delloway book cover and find a tourist footage travelling by boat.
  2. Music I was going to compose myself but I found that Id better get a license. I have been listening to mobygratis and Rafiralfiro over and over then decided to ask Rafiralfiro (I used their music for my previous film) to use Celeste (harp song) but found that it was an original soundtrack of El Plan B. I contacted them anyhow meanwhile I might look for another composer.
  3. Sound design I couldnt believe that CG15 has been pre-booked ahead. I thought I was quick. This project is pretty much plan for sound design and Id like to do surround 5.1 to show off at Annual screening. This is something Cofa might have to look at when renovating the campus.
  4. DVD There is a rough idea and a cover sketch in my visual diary but it will come along later.

Thats the post-production juggling. Still.So.Much.To.Do.

10 September 2009


A couple of mistakes I made on the second days of shooting: I chose to shoot Fay for the silhouette sunrise then I was rushing Gerard on his shots and we missed the light. The shots with him were complete unusable. The folding paper shots looked grotty and the last shot of the film had a dreadful background. I decided to go back to Coogee beach for another shoot. The crew were only Ben, Joy, Elham and Stilgherrian and it was only for Gerard so that I could concentrate on him. The call was half an hour earlier since we hit spring time.

The plan was to keep Gerard slow and keep him looking at the camera. I finally got the shot I wanted with sunrise on him.

7 September 2009