The Record Session

After the big weeks of my own shooting production, the first presentation, Joy’s production and the re-shoot, now I can feel at ease and have a time to reflect on the project and update it here. First of all, the record session.

One of the most beautiful scene we shot was the laundry room scene. However, we anticipated that the sound would be the problem because of the noise of the dryer. ADR (Additional Dialogue Replacement) seemed to be the only solution. Thanks to Tony, setting up room CG15 went smoothly and was on time with Fay arrived for her session. She confessed that she’d never done this before. Well, I once dubbed myself in a speaking extra role in a Thai movie years ago. She got used to it quickly and pull it off very well.

There was a change in final script in the bedroom scene. The telephone conversation between Daniel and Chrissie was added to the scene. Helen was called to record the audio with Gerard. These actors finally met each other. It was easy for Helen even though, to my surprise, it was her first recording session. Gerard overcame his speech difficulty with breathing technique. We could hear his deep breathe between the line as I directed him to pause into a rhythm. The outcome was satisfying even though I felt I did not force him to break out of his monotone.

30 August 2009

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