Sydney 2004 Gallery

Something Remains First Year So Far Opera House Autumn 2004 #5, 1 & 6 Sydney Reflection: Competition No Rain Today Unlawful Entry  Is the Question Hunt for Afternoon Tea Balmain Living Corrode: Stained Corrode: Scoured Corrode: Striped Corrode: Scratch Forgotten Faith Within Living with the Dead Your Own Business Smiling for Camera Gorgeous Planted Walls: Splattering Crack Planted Walls: Hanging Gardens Planted Walls: Stretching Sprout The Tunnel: Twilight Underneath Come & Stay Await & Approach Hide & Seek Light in the End Glass Boxes & Pipe Two Colours The Right Turn New Day, New Beginning All That Jazz Sydney Harbour Bridge Postcard Rainbow City Sunset at Sydney Harbour Bridge Two Generations Blue Matrixity Matrixity TAFE Reach Urban Autumn Opera House Autumn 2004 #3 Opera House Autumn 2004 #2 Building up, Running down Urban Autumn Paint Equilibrium Parts of Life Rusted Layer Exit Gate City of Texture