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Eating in Toronto (and How It Reminded Me of Sydney)

Phó Pasteur Restaurant

There was no expectation in visiting Toronto. Except I planned to have some good food, perhaps something wasn’t available in Washington DC. There were plenty of them. But surprisingly, they reminded me of very much of Sydney.

On the first day, while I was walking in Chinatown, where I stayed, one sign struck me was Phó Pasteur. The first thing popped in my head was a Vietnamese noodle shop with the same name in Sydney. It wasn’t just the name but its look and feel were so similar. 

Later in the evening, I was blown away to find Bundaberg ginger beer in a minimart. It was one of those that you forgot and didn’t realise you miss it until you found it again. Mind you, I found out later you could get it easily in the US.

However, what I anticipated the most on Aussie meat pie was a flop. It was Café de Wheel style that I was attached to. But it’s been hard to get some in the Americas.

Unfortunately, the trip was a bit too short to check out all the diverse food in the city. I should have known.

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