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Getting High in Toronto

The ultimate pursuit I was looking forward to in Toronto trip was definitely having legal marijuana, a perfect excuse for a visa run in Canada. It wasn’t just to get high but also to experience it with total legality. The adventure was intense on the very first day from the bad weather and what was in my head.

Scoring the Stuff, “Welcome to Toronto”

It was a cold and rainy morning when I arrived in the city on a night bus. Despite a semi-sleepless 16-hour ride, the first mission was to score the stuff. Since a dispensary was just blocks away from the bus terminal anyway. However, walking through the chilling winter rain wasn’t the best impression Toronto had to offer. A car splashed me on the way. I just had to mutter to myself, “welcome to Toronto!”

Eventually, I got to the shop, showed my ID, and stepped inside. Its setting was neat and organised. Their product range was displayed on the shelves with info on. Their stuff would approach and talk to you about it.

From pre-travel research, I had some ideas of what to get, something with more THC than CBD. After a quick enquiry with stuff, he recommended me some products. I decided to get some buds and a spray. He put my order through a tablet. A few seconds later, it was ready at the cashier. I paid and took my first legally purchased cannabis.

Scoring the stuff was as straightforward as any buying things in a shop as long as you got an ID to show before entering a dispensary. It was that convenient (apart from the shitty weather.)

The First Rolled Joint, “You’ve Just Popped Me”

There wasn’t much time to settle in the accommodation. I booked a tour to introduce me to the weed culture in the afternoon. Basically, they took you to a smoke-friendly venue. It was supposed to be somewhere on Queen Street but the guide texted me and we arranged it to another one more convenient to both of us. I met the guide at Hotbox in Kensington Market.

Apparently, it was just me on the tour. She walked me through how to roll a joint. It was my very first rolled joint since I had smoked it differently. So that I could tell that I learned something new. The joint wasn’t too bad for a first-timer, I was told.

It started to snow when we stepped outside to the patio in the back to smoke. My first legal smoking experience was a freezing one. And also, it was my first full puff in months. That made brain mushy with when we got back in the lounge. We hung out a little bit. Then I decided to regroup myself back at the Airbnb room and asked the guide if we could move on.

When we got out of the shop, I turned to her and joked, “You’ve just popped me.” I meant not the first time for the joint but legally in a public space. Gladly, it was the right decision to get a local with you to have the first one in a foreign country, especially for a solo traveller.

But the timing wasn’t so right to leave the premise then. The bad weather just got worse. The snow turned into sleet gust. Even though it wasn’t a long walk back, the brutal weather made my body shivering and the joint made my head bursting. Eventually, I crept to the room and curled in bed like a frond bud.

I didn’t get to take the cannabis spray until things were settled in.

Take It Legally and Get Stoned Responsibly

While the physical walk from the Hotbox to the room was quite an adventure. The metal journey from the here kicked in was even edgier.

The first thought that popped up was liberation. That first lawful experience differentiated from anywhere else I’d ever had: no hiding, no hassling, either no judging. However, as the mind was enhanced and flourished, it also brought me along with the usual unpleasant effect—anxiety.

It took me minutes to embrace it and go with the flow. Then the bottom line of the trip emerged—just like any legal substances (like alcohol or tobacco), cannabis should be taken responsibly too. 

It took me minutes to embrace it and go with the flow which made it a good mental exercise. Then a firm idea emerged—just like any legal substances (like alcohol or tobacco), cannabis should be taken responsibly too. That logic shaped the rest of my stay.

From that frame of mind, I balanced the smoking and the spray, also drank less, most of all enjoyed a good rest. By the last day, there was about half of the stuff left. It was thrown away without a fuzz. 

Frankly, marijuana could easily be my household potion. It’s legal in DC but not to be consumed in public. Neither it can be sold. So, I don’t bother adding it to my lifestyle. 

Toronto trip was such a perfect getaway for it.

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