Post-Production Juggling

Although I felt relieved after the re-shoot and have started editing for few days, there are still many things to do in post-production:

  1. Visual edit at the fine cut stage but Id like to start sound design to get the feel and mood and take that to the account in final cut. I still need a clearance to use Mrs Delloway book cover and find a tourist footage travelling by boat.
  2. Music I was going to compose myself but I found that Id better get a license. I have been listening to mobygratis and Rafiralfiro over and over then decided to ask Rafiralfiro (I used their music for my previous film) to use Celeste (harp song) but found that it was an original soundtrack of El Plan B. I contacted them anyhow meanwhile I might look for another composer.
  3. Sound design I couldnt believe that CG15 has been pre-booked ahead. I thought I was quick. This project is pretty much plan for sound design and Id like to do surround 5.1 to show off at Annual screening. This is something Cofa might have to look at when renovating the campus.
  4. DVD There is a rough idea and a cover sketch in my visual diary but it will come along later.

Thats the post-production juggling. Still.So.Much.To.Do.

10 September 2009

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