Making Digital Hologram




Where have I been? I have been juggling my life with the study College of Fine Arts (COFA) and the attempt to  make a living in Sydney. There has not been an introduction what course I enrolled this semester on this blog. I will put them up gradually.

Making Digital Hologram is one them. This is an online course about how to create a hologram print in a 3D program, Maya. Basically, we will compose a file with a camera moving across the frame and send it to a Lithuanian company, Geola, to process it. Along the way, we need to get to know the program and how it works. In the theoretical approach, we explore the possibilities and the constraints of the medium as well as its history.

Maya is a big and complex software and I find that it takes many flying hours to get into it back to front. These images are the lastest works I have done so far with it. We are starting to generate the idea what the final project will be. And I am quite excited about the I have. That is to be tuned it.

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