Getting Panicky


The first draft of my final project of Making Digtal Hologram class at College of Fine Arts. It is a visual inspiration from an outdoor advertising billboard by a highway road I saw several years ago. They carefully installed different shapes in specific spots. When a viewer in a car was coming close to the area, they only saw those shapes moving towards each other until it got the peak position where the shapes transformed into the message. In the nick of time, the message gradually imploded as a viewer was forced to move away in a car.

And I adopt this physical Horizontal Parallax Only (HPO) into digital hologram print. I make about 50 objects in Maya and arrange them to form the word. That hard work is done. I just need to apply the actual camera to the scene and align them. While we are waiting for my tutor to supply that, I just have to add colours, textures and tweak the background.

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