Cowra Trip

We have done the shooting for a short documentary in Cowra. This COFA class work turns out to be a very interesting project that we can look in the long term. Road trip to Cowra is beautiful in this greenish spring in New South Wales. Along the way, we see an afternoon mist covering the Blue Mountains in Katoomba, magnificent sceneries on Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst and a mystic twilight view on Mid Western Highway before we hit Alabaster Motel around 8.30pm.

When the morning light hit my face in the motel room, I just have to get up because window of opportunity is slim. There is a dilemma, still or video camera. I take Nikon D70, take some shot and then run back to the room to get Sony HVRZ1P. At that time Stilgherrian is getting and figuring out what I am excited about. Sunrise is a bless and it is a good day for it.

We do not have much time to explore the town, just some shots from the car on the way hunting for breakfast then we go straight to the location. The sight of vast wheat field on the roadside is rewarding. The countryside looks different when it rains. Hopefully, the long drought is over.

After the documentary shooting, we get a chance for a brief visit to Japanese Garden then the lookout and stop at Blayney Wind Farm. Unfortunately, all of that no photographs from me since I am too exhausted for and stressed about the post-production to get the work for the class presentation plus another assignment deadline which is due on the same day.

By the time, I write this blog, those class works are done.  This project lets me see how intensely I work as a producer. There are things that come back to me and things that I have to learn more. I feel coming down while having to deal other issues right away.

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