6 thoughts on “6 January 2008”

  1. It’s astounding that such a classic computer (1985) was lying abandoned in the street. Even if it wasn’t working, it’d be quite saleable. Physically it looks in quite good condition.

  2. No, the Macintosh Plus wasn’t revolutionary, it was just a speed and memory upgrade from the original Macintosh model of 1984 — which came in two versions, 128kB of memory, and the “Fat Mac” with 512kB is memory. There was only the floppy drive, no hard drive — that came later when a 20MB external HDD hit the market. So, since the internal floppy drive has a disc with the operating system on it, you really needed a second floppy to hold your data — or spend half your life swapping floppy discs in and out.

    This is getting far too geeky, I’ll stop now.

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