Anywhere Chairs DVD

Anywhere Chairs DVD

This is pretty much the last bit of Anywhere Chairs project, making DVDs. Because I was working with my own tools not the school’s facilities, the first two DVDs with various of compressed file formats were made as the masters for Metro Screen and myself. They are in cases with printed covers. “It’s about the presentation” I told them while handing one of the masters. This new batch of five is given to other associates:

I keep one and will give one away. Interested, anyone? Just leave a comment on this post and tell us what item you would like to dump on the street the most. The DVD will be posted to the witty lucky winner which will be selected by the end of next week, Sunday 22 July 2007. Be imaginative.

Anywhere Chairs DVD

6 thoughts on “Anywhere Chairs DVD”

  1. I’d like to dump an old car, preferably a mexican car, because of the contrast and model…

    Than I can make a lot of picture of it and dump them onto my Flickr website so anyone can enjoy the thing I like to dump the most!

  2. i am guessing that the winner had already been picked…that’s cool. I would love to see it tho. Maybe even catch up – like we only live 5min from each other…hahha

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