Indestructible Eternity

Indestructible Eternity

Thanks to Photo Friday for Destruction challenge that leads me to do some research on this iconic St Barnabas’ Anglican Church on Broadway or The Barneys, which had been serving the community for 148 years before it was burnt down in May this year. The message board there always gets my attention and puts a smile on me. So there are some stories about the witty billboard battle between the church and the opposite pub Broadway Hotel and the link with Sydney’s Millennium Message.
Here from The Sydney Morning Herald is the old news story or listen to ABC Radio here

Indeed, they still keep their service going for the community.

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  1. Thx edina, it looks just like that. I have no idea where the pinkish palette is from . It is hard to believe it is from the fire but i am not sure it was there before the burnt down either.

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