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In a Blizzard

A view from my regular pub, Songbyrd
A view from my regular pub, Songbyrd

As a boy from tropic, I wasn’t really looking forward this Snowzilla, my first ever snow storm saga. But it turned out to be an interesting small adventure in D.C.

I was preparing to stay in the house until it ended. Especially, I tumbled on the slippery street on the first snowy night. That was a bad alarm. But when it actually came knocking on your door in the morning with the white landscape on the street, the smooth-looking  snow lured me out with the camera.

I decided to take the regular route from Mount Pleasant to Adams Morgan. The condition was tough with 30-cm snow and the freezing wind. Still, I wasn’t alone on the street.

However, the camera (it’s the office camera, for disclosure) wasn’t prepared for it. When the snow landed on it, it turned into the liquid form. And that could be the big problem. My goal was to get to the destination, get a lunch, and grab some drinks at the regular pubs.

Funny enough,  pubs were open as usual and I had too much to drink as usual.

2015 Wrap up: Big Turn and Calibration

Self-portrait on 19th Street Northwest
On 19th Street Northwest, DC

The year has been huge transition for me. The moving from Thailand and to the US was a physical hectic but it didn’t compare to the mental shift I’m having right now. It is exhausting but life is like working out. No pain, no gain.

In the end of 2014 wrap up, I did hint about some ambitious goals. A new overseas job was one of them. It was a bold decision to relocate from one continent to another, to give up the safety nets I had in Bangkok, and to take an insecure pathway in Washington DC. But it’s time to shake things up in my life up, again. Continue reading 2015 Wrap up: Big Turn and Calibration

Washington DC One Month in: Winding down

Purple Patch in Mount Pleasant Road

This weekend is my first long weekend and the first month living in the US. In months since I decided to take this new job in Washington DC, this is the first time I finally could be able to feel at ease. Before it gets to this point, it has been such a ride dated back five months ago.

Looking back, in April when I knew I got the job, it wasn’t very easy to decide at all. I had to leave the well-secured position with decent benefits like health insurance and pensions. Even though the new work is in the same international organisation, the compensation as a consultant I’d get was only flat day rate in a limited number of days per year. So basically, I’d only be in the job for about eight months without a guarantee. I took a plunge anyway.

Continue reading Washington DC One Month in: Winding down