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Pre the Live

At Metro Screen

I knew that it was going to be busy week when the new semester started in July with my own final short film project at College of Fine Arts and the upcoming web soap opera but I determine to apply for Live Streaming Multi-Cam course at Metro Screen. I have done live event and video work with post-production. It is a great opportunity to expose myself to live studio video production and somewhat merge two those medium into one.

The other thing is to see how Stilgherrian Live would be like when pimped up with multi-cam studio environment. It’s my habit to do something challenging. I want to bring an instant interactivity to television. Wouldn’t it be good to have that interaction amongst the presenter, the audience and the producer so that it wouldn’t be just a TV web cast on the Internet?

So far, we have a quiz show being Aussie, a voice of disables on the show and, of course, Cnut of the Week. viostream hosting the webstream for us instead of ustream as normal routine. Stilgherrian Live Metro Screen Special Edition will be webcast Friday 31 July from 2pm. Be there!

Anywhere Chairs DVD

Anywhere Chairs DVD

This is pretty much the last bit of Anywhere Chairs project, making DVDs. Because I was working with my own tools not the school’s facilities, the first two DVDs with various of compressed file formats were made as the masters for Metro Screen and myself. They are in cases with printed covers. “It’s about the presentation” I told them while handing one of the masters. This new batch of five is given to other associates:

I keep one and will give one away. Interested, anyone? Just leave a comment on this post and tell us what item you would like to dump on the street the most. The DVD will be posted to the witty lucky winner which will be selected by the end of next week, Sunday 22 July 2007. Be imaginative.

Anywhere Chairs DVD

Anywhere Chairs

I have been photographing abandoned chairs on the streets and in piles of junks to be collected by the Councils around Sydney with a camera phone for some time. Although it seems dreary when capturing the remains of broken furniture, what I see is the beauty of social interaction between the residents. In their short life cycles on the streets, they are dumped, offered, overlooked, moved, scattered, rearranged and finally picked up. We do not see whose actions to those chairs as if everyone is working together to create Sydney’s urban responsive living. The film is part of Sydney Songlines workshop, sponsored by the City of Sydney at Metro Screen. I learn a lot from the process. Thanks to Stilgherrian for the great narration and rafiralfiro for the wonderful music.

Sydney Songlines: the Construction

For Lease

I am relieved to a certain degree. I’ve just finished the script for Sydney Songlines workshop. This is significant in many ways:

  • The first script since moving to Sydney.
  • The first screenplay since Uni.
  • The first piece I have written in English ever.

Junk Pile project is set to some direction. I very much enjoy this creative process. Production phase is on next week.