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COFA Prize 09

COFA Annual 09 Winners

I have just seen the photo of COFA Annual 09 Awards night when I google my name. This is a good chance to congratulate others of The School of Media Arts who also won prize from the year of their hard work.

Autodesk Storm FX Award for Best 3D CGI Animation
John Turello

Autodesk Storm FX Award for Best 3D CGI Modelling
George Varettas and
Cosmin Hrincu

Adobe Award for Best Overall Production
Anthony Russell

Wacom Award for Best Motion Graphics
Toby Pedersen

Wacom People’s Choice Award
Peter Short

Computers Now Award for Best Video
Trinn (‘Pong) Suwannapha

Digital Media World Magazine Honorary Mention Prize
1. Luke Jefferz
2. Tachadol Buppapirak
3. Tom Phillipson
4. Peter Short
5. Beverley Wong
6. Paolo Sta.Barbara

Vital Peripheral Supplies Award for Best Illustrative Work
Amelia Turbiarz

There is the full winner list on COFA blog.

And I have to say the best thing of the night was free bubbly.

Invitation for COFA Annual 09




Opening: 24 November, 6pm-8pm

Running: 24-29 November, 11am-6pm

COFA Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington

Kudos Gallery 6 Napier St, Paddington

SCREENING: Digital Media and Time Based Art

17 November, 6pm-11pm

Chauvel Cinema Paddington Town Hall, Paddington

Everyone is welcomed. My short film will be on the Screening and shown in the exhibition as well. Please see previous post for more detail.

COFA Annual 09


It is almost done with my study at College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. The major project has been presented and is being assessed. The works of the graduating students will be exhibited through COFA Annual 09 in different platforms:

  • Website is not online yet but you can see what they did last year.
  • Exhibition runs on 23-29 November and will include all the graduating students who registered for it.
  • DVD will be sent to the industry professional to pimp up the students and the institute.
  • Screening is the big night for media and time based art student to have the works on a big screen at Chauvel Cinema on 17 November from 6pm.

I am excited to see my film in a real cinema although we do not know whether we get selected for the show. Nevertheless, I am quite confident will be there. And I have signed as a volunteer to do something with the event. Will post later.