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The Quest for the Internet

Keyboard Thongs

I have to say even though it was not as frustrated as when I struggled to find the Internet connectivity while staying at my brother’s three years ago, it was amusing that I had to get to three local shopping malls to purchase an aircard and some sims to get the Internet.

There was no Truemove shop in IT Square. The closest shop was at Tesco/Lotus but aircards were out of stock. I signed up a postpaid deal with them anyway. And finally, I got a prepaid sim with an AIS aircard from a vender at Big C.

Mission accomplished with my mom all the way. We had brunch, late lunch and did some shopping in those malls. I did not buy those thongs, no matter how tempting they are, by the way.

I’m Off My Facebook

Facebook has been the way I recently connect to friends, old and new, but its privacy policy has been concerning me since the day I signed up in 2007. In many levels, it is more a data mining scam than information sharing network with friends. And there is copyrights issue of the content you post on Facebook. And the list goes on and on.

There is another personal problem—my on-line game addiction. In fact, I was not active on Facebook until role-play games like Mafia Wars and FarmVille got into me. It is very easy for me to get distracted and level up on those games to feel I finish something but reality I accomplish nothing. I have to give it up before my life goes down deeper than where it is now. Quitting an addiction is not easy but I have done it with tobacco.

I will keep the account until 31 May 2010 Australian Eastern Standard Time. You can still see me social network, mainly, on twitter >, flickr >, vimeo > and on my own blog It might not be as fun as Facebook but, at least, I feel I can trust them

That is the original last status update I intended to post on Facebook but way too long. The decision to quit Facebook was not easy since I reconnected with good old friends in Thailand who emerged from Hi5 and was about to get to know more new friends via Mafia Wars. But I want a discipline to stay focus on making a living at some point and the projects in my head.

Facebook privacy issues have been debated for a long time and I was sceptic about it on the day I joined. It did not bother me much since I did not expose my works directly on the site.

I annoyed with myself the most when I created my own illusion of accomplishments on role-play games and made an easy escape from the reality. From MiniClip to Kongragrate, been there, done that. Online game addiction has been my problem for years since the depression rolled in. Addiction is a symptom of mental illness and it contributed to my downfall amongst other fucked-up incidents.

I was only active Facebook for role-play games: Mafia Wars and FarmVille. On the other hand, I have not created any new work at all. That has to change. I have to stay away from it, at least, until I can pick myself up again.

Do you know anyone who has game addiction problem, either online or console? What do you do?

Flash Web Fossil

While I was browsing a production house directory, it came to my mind that some  still touch with new media. Macromedia Flash was an over-hyped platform in the beginning of the millennium. It has developed through time and the take-over of Adobe. It might look cool those days but without supporting plugin, it is useless. For examples, these two production houses I clicked through Production Paradise. It turned out that they required an almost obsolete plugin, Flash Player version 5 and 6. What is the point of getting to know these companies? It shows how careless they are, especially, these days when the technology is moving fast. That said, what we are presenting on the web today, they might not be able to experience it in two years time if we do not keep up with the technology. Watch out!