Flood Relief Home Delivery

Thung Song Hong was just a few kilometres from my old neighbourhood, Sikan. I passed the area almost almost everyday. Somehow, it was part of my growing up.

Last week, we, the same volunteers I was with in Sai Mai, went for a mission to distribute flood relief packs. The head of the community asked a friend for help then the other friend organised with the Thai Red Cross Society. We took 200 packs, 100 of water packs and some rice from the Red Cross which was quite enough for the request.

However, it was hard to ignore the victims of the disaster along the way to the rendezvous. For instance, these ladies we picked up happened to live in the same estate as the mission we were going to but their group was not on the list. They had to wait until we finished our obligation then we could spare the rest.

But there was a special treat for them. We took one of the boats on the truck and made a home delivery, going along with them. And that was filmed until I stopped the camera because I was conscious about the bettery I had left on the Flip camera I got from work to test during the weekend.

After I turn the camera off, we got to Auntie’s house and she had to climb on my shoulders to get off the boat. Then to the other women’s where around 20 people stayed together on the high floors. I could see a wheelchair on the balcony which they mentioned a sick person.

I lived around that area for the most of my life and it was heart-wrenching moment to see it was inundated. To be honest, I had never see anything like this before. They still smiled and joked about their lives. But that could be the only thing that drove them to go on.