Cleaning up Mardi Gras

It is Saturday night and marks the end of summer in the southern hemisphere. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade is one of the biggest parties in Australia. Streets are closed for floats to express and promote their messages. After the show, the Parade is over but the party has just begun. The barricades are taken away and the spectators flow into the streets. The parade route is full of milk crates, broken chairs and garbage. People keep on partying elsewhere whilst some are still wandering around.

It is the works of City of Sydney and NSW Police to turn the chaos back into order. They clear the footpath, sweep the rubbish, pile it onto a mat and scoop it up into a truck while the police patrol up and down, making sure everything goes smoothly. Within three hours the streets are almost spot and ready for normal traffic.

Politics and Technology Forum 2009

Q  A

The destination of the Yass/Canberra road trip was Politics and Technology Forum organised by Microsoft. Stilgherrian has live blog of the forum.

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Road Trip to Yass

Stilgherrian was on a mission to Yass to interview Pia Waugh for special Ada Lovelace Day. Nick Hodge drove us there and to Canberra for Microsoft’s Politics and Technology Forum. While we are catching up with Pia and Jeff Waugh, Kate Carruthers joined us for lunch and a little tour around town. It was a lovely afternoon. I will post photos of Liberty Theatre Pia took us to soon.

Road Trip Live

Court House



Furnishing the Town

Old Railway Bridge

Under the Bridge

Three Witches