Joy Division Documentary

Another burst of talented flame.

Love Will Tear Ua Apart

I felt offended when someone gave his opinion that Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart was a crap song. It shaped the rock music in the early 80’s which evolved from the raging Punk Rock. You can still hear its echo in the music today. Although I am a fan of New Order, I hardly know Joy Division apart from their most popular piece of music and the suicide of the lead singer, Ian Curtis. Joy Division Documentary has given me insights about them.

The Director, Grant Gee stylises the film with old clips and photographs creating the right mood for the group. The movie pivots on Ian Curtis, straightforward from forming the band to his death. People involved in the band, in the exception of the band’s families, tell us about their pathway rock stardom. Not so different from other super group, it takes talents, good timing and lucks. The major drawback is Ian’s illness and depression and on one knows how to deal with it.

It seems like Ian is just another troubled artist driven by success to end of his life. However, he is a good example of a mental disorder person is unable to connect to the world. His lyrics shows how has been lost on his own and no matter how deeply his massages strikes the audience, he would not get the sympathy back.

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