Sydney Songlines: the Beginning

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Exciting news! Starting this week, I will be in an intensive workshop, Sydney Songlines, supported by the City of Sydney at Metro Screen. I have been working on junk pile series for sometime. Anywhere Chairs is one of the projects. I believe this workshop will help me shaping up the project and directing me to produce other works in the series. We will see the result after the ten-session workshop in four weeks.

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  1. This is as far as I know, Stil.

    What makes a city is its people. What gives a city life are the people who’s daily adventures, horrors, love’s and history are played out amongst its architecture and natural features.

    Metro Screen together with the City of Sydney are offering all those that share this beautiful city of villages the chance to capture the people, objects and places that give Sydney its character.

    Map your personal experiences and relationships in and with the city.

    This workshop will teach you a range of valuable multimedia skills. You will learn to write, capture, edit and record your personal audio/visual Sydney Songline. By the end of the workshop you will have learnt to create your own mobile phone movie, a website and a DVD.

    Only a basic working knowledge of computer literacy is needed to attend, learn from and enjoy this workshop. This is for everyone.

    I need to compile the images from the series and get a music to go with it. This is the first time I have contact with Metro Screen. So we will find out on the commencement this Thursday.

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