Fish Bowl in Enmore

It is just a regular afternoon on the local patch, Enmore Road. Walking pass and looking through glass windows, life simply goes on. Everyone has their own purpose in a day, kind of. It may finish with or without the missions accomplished.

No one cares if there was no tomorrow. Just now…the moment is trapped in invisible illusions.


A woman waiting for a bus on Enmore Road.

Fruit Picking

Shopping in an organic green grocer.


A bored shop keeper entertaining himself with his coffee.

For Lease

Wanna do some business with me?

Strawberry Man

A foreman renovating @Newtown RSL Club.

Mystery man

At Night and Lonely

An autumn night in Sydney is not too cold to stroll along the streets, not as cold as the city itself. Not many creatures are active in this hour but the motionless despair. It invisibly creeps out of its cave and relentlessly swallow its preys, alive. There are so many lights but they cannot see way…home. Five steps to break down.


One: Looking through windows, fuel is burning to light the pantry for no one to eat.


Two: Many entrances but no access.

Down There

Three: Only one way down.


Four: Waiting to go back home.

Sweet Lullaby

Five: No where to go just sleeping on the reality.

The New Sister

Marrickville has got a new relationship with Bethlehem. They are now sister cities. The new sister has joined other cities including: Funchal from Portugal, Keelung from Taiwan, Kos from Greece, Larnaca from Cyprus, Safita from Syria and 6 October from Egypt. It caused a stir from the Jewish community but the Council voted into her favour. All the sisters celebrates like an extended family.


Displays at Sister Cities Multicultural Event.


Opening music performance.

Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera performance representing Keelung from Taiwan.



Traditional dance performance by Cyprian Dance School representing Larnaca from Cyprus.

Palestinian Poetry

Poetry reading by Saleh Saqqaf representing Bethlehem from Palestine.

Primo Italiano

I know! It has been a while since my last post Sydney events and I am way behind. It has been a busy month for me, making my short film with Metro Screen. Do you think it is a fair excuse?

This Sydney’s Primo Italiano celebrates the first Little Italy here. Stanley Street, East Sydney, is a cluster of cool restaurants and cafés but not really necessary representing Italian community any more. Nevertheless, the event has the vibes of its own, especially, the afternoon light that shines on the crowd is magical. Therefore I focus more on candid of the people. Not a bad day to spend.

Up There

Up There

On a balcony.


Watching the Future

On the street.

Cover Girls

Cover Girls Cover Girls

Street performance by Cover Girls.

Say Cheese

At Cafe

Sushi Girl


At shops and stalls.





Frank Bennett

On Stage.

Enjoy the Music

Behind bars.