Zirkus Night

Sleaze Ball is a major fund raiser event for Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Each year has its theme for everyone to dress up with. This year is about being a freak in Zirkus. Entertainment Quarter is ready for a long night of self-indulgence.

Party goers are superficially fabulous. They come to me and ask if I want to take a photo of them. Posers are the least I am interested in but I just cannot say no to them. Then, a young man sees his photo on my camera display and comments “I don’t think it’s good, not sharp enough”. What a constructive criticism from someone who I have met for 30 seconds! I just shrug, walk away and delete the photo.

However, I decide to pursue my approach by getting intimate on the dance floor and stepping back in a distance in order to see in the different perspectives. It works. I find that it is the most enjoyable gay dance party I have been involved in.


RHIBreak Time


Spot Light

Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Water Bottles


Hordern FloorHordern Floor

Hordern Floor

Zirkus Eve

After the success of Mardi Gras: the Slide Show, I, amongst other photographers and media persons, am accredited for the Spring New Mardi Gras dance party, Sleaze Ball. This year’s theme is Zirkus. On the media briefing session, we get the chance to see the dress rehearsal of a stage performance. Hordern Pavilion is almost empty and waiting for the dressed-up crowd to glide in and colour this Entertainment Quarter (formerly known as Fox Studio).

Standing Alone

To the Light From the LightSet the Light Control the Light

Here Comes the Light

Stage SitBack Stage

Close Encounter

Earthdance Evening

It is getting dark at Earthdance and the event will be wrapped up soon. Everyone is making to most of it.

Earthdance Evening

Song Breeze


The Stare Direction

Hans Wurst

Henna Stall


The Look

Kiln SongHands

It has been an intense week for me. I was pushing myself by going to Earthdane festival and having a massive batch of the event photographs while having two major personal commitments coming up: the interview for Australian citizenship on Friday and IELTS test on the next day. However, I’m glad I can relax at some point, for now.