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Hanging Arts and Real Estate

One Year Later

How fortunate it was that I took a picture of the same spot and posted it here about a year ago. Things go up, things come down. And things go by without you noticing it if you don’t stop for a while and look at it.

Ok, the place is now an open-air beer garden, which I am writing this blog right now. And it is intriguing with the mixture (or the crash)  of cultures. I’ll go into the detail what is inside later.

I have always been into urban landscape and paid attention to urban decay. But this time, living back in Bangkok, the refreshing thing is about urban development.

It is definitely not about how the estate development itself but how it connects people. This is why it is something to be explored.

Let’s have a look at the photos side by side, for now.



Great Wall of Sydney

A circus is coming to town.

The leaders of Asia-Pacific nations are in Sydney for APEC Australia 2007 and city landscape has been changed. For the sake of security, this major event has transformed north end of the CBD into fortress. 2.8 metre-high and concrete wall and concrete wall are erected. Public transport is blocked. Sydneysiders are advised to get out of the city to avoid the chaos. Protests are discouraged by the authorities. Businesses depended on tourism plummet. The Police is given more power in the restricted area. The level of paranoia is rising. This is just the beginning.

Great Wall of Sydney


Witch Hats

Empty Shelters

Truck Load

Into the Zone

Along the Wall


Mobile Cells

At Night and Lonely

An autumn night in Sydney is not too cold to stroll along the streets, not as cold as the city itself. Not many creatures are active in this hour but the motionless despair. It invisibly creeps out of its cave and relentlessly swallow its preys, alive. There are so many lights but they cannot see way…home. Five steps to break down.


One: Looking through windows, fuel is burning to light the pantry for no one to eat.


Two: Many entrances but no access.

Down There

Three: Only one way down.


Four: Waiting to go back home.

Sweet Lullaby

Five: No where to go just sleeping on the reality.

The Easter Journey

Easter marks the end and the beginning of a life cycle. Coincidentally, or not, it is close to Thai Songkran Festival as well. This kind of occasion is always a reflective time. Call me very old-fashion, but I find it is a better and quieter time to be introspective than the modern international New Year.

It is another year that I browse Sydney on the dawn of Easter long weekend. Last year, the fog hazed the ambient. This year it is a bit wet and I decide to look into some of the back lanes. To see the city calms down in the beginning of the day is quite something.

Down I Come

Escalating down on the glooming morning.

Phillip Street

Looking at the wet and empty city.


Hidden place to rest the souls.


He is doing it for us.


Where cleansing begins and ends.


That is it! I am not going in.

Down the Pipe

I dare you!

Way in

But how to get out?

The Ladder

Up there or down here?

Light Steps

Considering stepping back up to the light.

Everybody does stupid things, so why can’t we forgive ourselves and others and move on. Maybe the guilt that we can’t let go keeps haunting us. Too many questions and not enough satisfied answers, what a human!