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9 Days in the Kingdom

I am back in Bangkok from Rayong. Then I get stunned by Thailand: 9 Days in the Kingdom exhibition at Zen Gallery, Central World which runs until 25 November.

9 Days in the Kingdom

55 photographers from all over the world including David Alan Harvey, James Nacthway, Nat Sumanatemeya are assigned to get images throughout Thailand in 9 days. These great materials are presented in prints and multimedia.

It is one of the best photographic exhibition I have ever seen.

Talad Thep Chinda

Lalad Thep

It’s time to go back to Bangkok and there is some time to kill before the coach arrives. So I explore the local market of Ban Chang District, Talad Thep Chinda. It is a typical regional urban market which slowly disappears in Bangkok, giving ways to megastores. It has more sense of community and things you rarely find in any air-conditioned market. You can feel that they are running their own ventures and much more satisfied than being an employee, no matter big or small businesses.


Garland Spirit Houses for Sell

Straw Hats Straw Packs

Keymaker Toy Keeper

Talad Woman

Fresh Frogs

Bangkok Express


Bangkok Express from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

Taking Express Way is the most convenient route to drive in Bangkok. Like any other way to get around: boat, bus or train, along the high way also tells the story about the city but in a different perspective. While on the bus to Rayong, this is the first quick slide show on one of Bangkok Express Ways network which is the first to be built to solve Bangkok traffic jam, way before BTS and MTRS.

Mochit 2

I am on the way to Rayong, east of Bangkok. The best way to get there is by car via Motor Way but that is not possible for me. My only choice is a coach to the eastern province. The coach terminal is unofficially called Mochit 2 as the first Mochit (the area North and North-east terminal was called) is now BTS terminal.

Two Families

On the Coach

We do not get too far. The bus stops at the service station for a check up and it turns out that they do not have a replacement part to continue the journey. We have to hang around there until they can another bus for us. That gives me an opportunity to take some snaps of the place even though we are an hour behind the schedule.

No Go

Check up Check up

Hanging Around