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“Wash your hands” Collection 2018

No discrimination
No discrimination, Pitchers DC

Over the years I’ve been in the US, I became obsessed with one subject. That is “Wash Your Hands” signs in public toilets. Even though most of them say to employees, the passive message appears to patrons. Explore the diversity of the signs.

Some images were taken at the same toilets as Toilets 2018.

Toilet Collection 2018

Hindsight, Bangkok

This is my contribution to World Toilet Day. It’s a collection of toilets in the cities I was in 2018: Bangkok, Incheon, Washington DC, New York City, Murmansk, Moscow, and Tokyo. Most of the time of taking the photos, I was drinking, no surprise.

More toilet collections:

Toilet Collection 2014-15

Another mobile photos of toilets in 2014-2015. Mostly in drinking around my neighbourhood in Bangkok, Phra Khanong, and also in some cities I’ve been: Yangon, Kuala Lumpur and Washington DC.

Less is more. Somewhere in Sarendah, Salangor, Malaysia. 7 January 2014.

Toilet Collection 2013

Throwback mobile photos of toilets, mostly around drinking here and there in Bangkok and some cities I visited in 2013.

In another country. Lion World, Yangon, Myanmar. 3 February 2013.

Voulez Vous. Ho-Jia Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand. 25 December 2013.