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Metropolitan Skin

Metropolitan Skin Street photography is my outlet to perceive life. I try to get my head around the complexity of cultures that drawn together in Australia. It is fascinating how people with different backgrounds express their identities. I have learned a lot about Sydney just walking around on the main streets and back lanes, at dawn and dusk, day and night.

My latest slide show exhibition is just about those theme I have been working on for 3 years. Robert McGrath, Vitek Skonieczny and I take turn showcasing how we see the city at World Square. In their words:

Metropolitan Skin is a photographic exhibition, presented as a slide show. It presents the differing visions of urban engagement by three photographers – Robert McGrath, ‘Pong and Vitek Skonieczny.

Robert McGrath
Screening between Monday 16 March – Wednesday 25 March
persona | passion | communality
Through his photo essays, Robert has photographed a wide range of milieus and activities across Sydney. He is interested in photographing events which draw people together based on a common activity, talent or passion. How people present at such events, says a lot about how they see themselves, which we experience as their persona.

Screening between Thursday 26 March – Saturday 4 April
fusions | unready | entropy
‘Pong is particularly aware of the many groupings that are uniting in modern Australian cities. These groups often only exist within a sheer layer of each other. Weaving between those layers, ‘Pong juxtaposes aesthetics and understandings to create a truly contemporary view of our urban environment. He has a strong sense of visual irony which allows him to reveal the amazing world of human minutia within the “unexpected” city.

Vitek Skonieczny
Screening between Sunday 5 April – Sunday 12 April
cellular | organism | lifeblood
To Vitek, the city is alive. He shows human activity transforming the inanimate city into a living, breathing, shifting life force. The flow of its people and the patterns they trace, is the lifeblood of his constantly evolving ecosystem. He sees the massing of people into an unconscious, yet structured organism, flowing determinantly towards a mysterious, yet predetermined destination.

The show is curated by Robert McGrath and there will be some that I have put on this blog but some that haven’t seen the light before. Metropolitan Skin is on at World Square upper level (big screen) and lower level (on Sony plasma screens) until 12 April.

Things We Left Behind

Forsaken Cycle of Our Relationship

Forsaken Cycle of Our Relationship

Our commitment has stopped spinning. The same direction we go towards is the end. If anyone could pick the rest of us, it would be the hollow promises we made to each other.

Discontinuity of Faith

Discontinuity of Faith

The millennia-year-old story has been whether given up or passed on. It seems like a colourful offer for a beginner. But there is nothing to carry on and nowhere to go.

A Shortcut of Hope

A Shortcut of Hope

On a long deserted way to the other side, we can only feel the baking Sun above. They are too fragile to go on and so are we. But just a glimpse of green grass can fuel us there.

On Duty

The Great Wall of Sydney has already been dismantled but to complete the picture of APEC 2007 on the ground, the police has to be a big part of the jigsaw piece. Like it or not, they were the one who have to enforce the law and took the action on the streets. And they knew they would not be so popular, especially, the peak of the ground event—confrontation with the protesters.

The key strategy of this biggest police operation in Australia was using themselves as a fence closing Hyde Park North.

Road Blocked



In Line

The only exit and entrance to the centre of the protest was on Park Street. The protesters could not move anywhere, let alone go near the restricted area. Although it turned out to be a mild protest, some officers were willing to strip off their dignity by removing their name badges during the operation so that they could not be identified.


However, most of officers tried their best to do their jobs.




Stand Stand

Special power and more resources were given to this APEC event to insure the perfect face of Sydney but it turned the city into an authoritarian fortress. I disappointed in myself for not questioning them enough when it came to my encounter. Well, they’ve got guns.

APEC Party

APEC Meeting in Sydney is over. They had their say but does anyone hear? The protest in Hyde Park became just another long-weekend party with the police as the big bouncers. Protesters were trying so hard to get attention and send their massages through, which we all had heard before. The old tactics included placards, dressing up, music and dancing but there was nothing new or newsworthy to get reported by mainstream media. For many, life goes on.

Stop the War

Fountain Dance


First Lady

Burmese Connection

The protesters.


Rubbish Truck

Snap Shots

The observers.

What’s the News

Fed up

The inside outsiders.