Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

When I come out of State Theatre after a strange award-winning Thai film, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, at Sydney Film Festival, the winter light on George Street strikes my eyes and I have to response to it.

This video looks similar to one of my previous photography at Mardi Gras Harbour Party two years ago. Even though I have worked with this concept before, it is still an experiment for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is a native video, not a bunch of still images I did. The element of time adds a whole new dimension to the perception. Secondly, it is shot in horizontal orientation since it has to be on screen. Most of all, it is shot on a mobile phone which is the restriction I always embrace. However, there is the same sense of trance as I did the photography while shooting this video. I believe that sense also comes out when it is premiered at Kino Sydney.

The featuring music is “Look, Cowboy, Look!” by Damscray.

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Life’s Too Short

COFA Annual 09 Opening was on and I felt shitty with the people I was trying to associate with. I just could not pretend that I fitted in. It was very disappointing that I chose to hang around with them instead of joining Media in the Pub. At least, I knew there would be more mature people there. So I cast myself out from the party and walked to Central Station to catch the train home.

Then there was this and I was fascinated by it. Yeah! A dead rat just made my night.

Life's Too Short

Are We There Yet?

Looking up to yourself


‘Pong walks on a foot path and notices his reflection on a ceiling of a building. He looks up at it and thinks.

Head #1 (V.O.)

It keeps coming back to me.

Head #2 (V.O.)

That’s okay. You have to know how to deal with it. You need to deal with it.

HEAD #1 (V.O.)

That little boy. I’m not that little boy any more but I don’t know how to be someone else. I’ve never been anyone except the torn little boy.

HEAD #2 (V.O.)

Yes, you can be whomever you like.

HEAD #1 (V.O.)

I don’t know what I like.

HEAD #2 (V.O.)

Yes, you do. Just look inside.

‘Pong starts taking self-portraits with his camera phone.

HEAD #1 (V.O.)

But it is empty.

HEAD #2 (V.O.)

That means you can fill it up.

HEAD #1 (V.O.)

I need directions.

HEAD #2 (V.O.)

You are going the right way and you have come this far on your own with some helps. You need to lead your own way. Just think about your goals and focus on them. You’ll get there.

Someone looks at ‘Pong as he is acting strange on the street. He finishes his self-portraits anyway.

HEAD #2 (V.O.)

You WILL be there.

‘Pong keeps walking on the street.