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First Stilgherrian Live on the Street

There you go I’m pimping it. Stilgherrian Live is somewhat a strange show. Last night show was a milestone as Stil decided to live from Clock Hotel, Crown Street, Surry Hills but we learnt that there was not enough light. We ended up webcasting on the street while walking up to Brighton Bar, Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. So it was fun the go along with the flow and take some shots of him while doing the program.

To be honest, these shots are the first decent photography in months that I am quite happy with.

The Shave, Finally!

I have been editing this project for quite sometime. It was a longish process in a sense of getting a time to do it but very enjoyable. Finally, we have made it and are quite happy with it.

For the first time Stilgherrian grew some beard and it was up to the point he could not stand it. When I had long hair, it was a big deal to had it cut. It is kind of once-in-the-life-time thing. He would do this again. Therefore, here is something for this special occasion, The Shave.

The Shave from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

23 March 2008, Wooden Anniversary

Juiett Street, Marrickville

Juiett Lane, Marrickville

It has been seven years since I moved to Sydney and got attached with Stilgherrian. This magical digit is the last single primary number. The next one is thirteen. It is uncertain to me what it indicates but something beams at me to transform, not to a couple of abandoned chairs separated in the front and the back, of course not.