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Betcha Thought I Was Dead

After The Undressing Room, another show for Mardi Gras bumped in right away at The Factory Theatre. Weird is the word to explain Betcha Thought I Was Dead.

Joan Collins (acclaimed sex therapist, psychic guidance counsellor and mental health professional) tracks down Joylene Thornbird Hairmouth (former Diva, rock goddess and federal senate candidate) in the Wagga Wagga Women’s Maximum Security Psychiatric Correctional Facility where she has been incarcerated for the past 23 years! Find out why and how when Brent Thorpe and Billy O’Riordan join forces to bring their own brand of deranged performance to Sydney audiences.

You might want to check out some images from The Fabulous Punch and Judy Show as well. Betcha Thought I Was Dead is performing at The Factory Theatre until 22 February 2009.

The Undressing Room

I said I would not be photographing Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras events this year but things changed. I was invited in the last minute. This time I was assigned to one of the Festival venues, The Factory Theatre.

It started off with The Undressing Room with Imogen Kelly:

Imogen Kelly is Australia’s Queen of Burlesque, plaything of millionaires and notorious member of the demimonde. Although she is known as Australia’s premier showgirl- be warned, Imogen is a more of a burlesque saboteur than a museum piece.

The Undressing Room is performing at The Factory Theartre until 22 February 2009.