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Out to Space Year Six: the Intensity

April 2009March 2010

At the basement of my house, directing the final project with classmates at College of Fine Arts, August 2009 Photo: Stilgherrian
At the basement of my house with College of Fine Arts classmates, directing the final project, August 2009 Photo: Stilgherrian

The previous year of Out to Space was a transition to study at College of Fine Arts. Most of the posts in the year six were still about the education that got very intense. It wasn’t just the posts about the compulsory final project, but the subject I chose to do was also about the mental illness I had been dealing with—depression.

The school prepared us for the project in the second semester from the script development to preproduction. Then the final semester, we got to shoot the film and did the postproduction. But what I liked the most about it was that they forced us to report the progress on their student blog. It came handy for me (probably not for other students). And I published those posts later on this blog. It was the only and the most comprehensive behind-the-scene blog series I’ve done. There hasn’t been a chance I’d do something like that again, sadly.

In between semesters, I took another workshop with Metro Screen, Live Streaming Multi-cam course. However, I didn’t blog about the making. Stil has more about it. It was a busy year.

Other than the posts about the school, there was hardly a motivation to go out the shoot photos and I was done with the dump series from the previous years as well as other photo subjects in the early years. And the blog started to fill in with automated weekly tweets.

2009 was also one of the toughest years in my life. I had no income and relied on the dole to live by. The study was really stressful. I had to work on the script about depression that I went to the deep dark place. It was the year that exposed that side of myself the most.

By the end of 2009, the hard work on the project paid off. I pushed the boundary in sound production. The final project finished with the bang and the mental condition slowly recovered. But it was also the end of the long and the first relationship.

By March 2010, I officially graduated but this space didn’t seem to go anywhere. It might have needed a break. Looking back how intense the year was. There were ambitious goals and they archived. What an exhausting learning curve!

Cinema 16 British

16 doses of shorts from UK masters.

Cinema 16

It seems unreal that someone put my favourite filmmakers on the same disc: Ridley Scott, Peter Greenaway, Mike Leigh and even Martin Parr, who are more recognised as a documentary photographer. It is the compilation of early works that gave them the launch pads to their big career. You can find that shorts are likely be more freely creative, sometime more indulgent than feature length films. But that craft of producing a long movie is another complex story. And this proves how these directors still keep the their own story telling style.

The usual themes are about coming of age which is fair enough that artists’ first picks are close to themselves. Anyhow, growing up in the UK is just a tad out of my cultural references. They are just too bleak for my liking. The piece I like the most is Telling Lies by Simon Ellis with its humour and simple graphics. His first feature debut will be released soon. Watch out for this guy.

There are more in this Cinema 16 series: European, American, European (US Edition) and World which is due in early 2008. Can’t wait to see more.


Waif from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

This work is pretty much the same content as Red Sofa, exhibited on Marrickville Art Prize 2007, but different medium. When the print was commented at the opening night that it cried out loud to be a moving image, I could not agree more. I am happy to take that on board. And here we go, another short films collection of dumped stuff on the streets of Sydney after Anywhere Chairs.

Anywhere Chairs DVD

Anywhere Chairs DVD

This is pretty much the last bit of Anywhere Chairs project, making DVDs. Because I was working with my own tools not the school’s facilities, the first two DVDs with various of compressed file formats were made as the masters for Metro Screen and myself. They are in cases with printed covers. “It’s about the presentation” I told them while handing one of the masters. This new batch of five is given to other associates:

I keep one and will give one away. Interested, anyone? Just leave a comment on this post and tell us what item you would like to dump on the street the most. The DVD will be posted to the witty lucky winner which will be selected by the end of next week, Sunday 22 July 2007. Be imaginative.

Anywhere Chairs DVD