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My Film at Fordham Fest

For the ones in UK, Memory of You | Reflection of Me will be screened in Strawberry Shorts Film Marquee as a part of Fordham Music Festival this year. I believe this the first time the short film will be premiered outside Australia. Originally, I submitted the film for Strawberry Fair in Cambridge but unfortunately, it has been officially cancelled. However, the Fair organiser is invited to have their own stage in the Festival.

Apart from the film being shown amongst with other interesting film, I find it is quite amazing to see local communities support each other. I have done event management in the past life in Thailand but most of them were commercial and they were not cheap. My bosses were willing to slash their fees when it came to community works and they actually somehow made us proud.

If anyone has a chance to be at Fordham Music Festival, please check out the Strawberry Fair Stage. The films in the program are very interesting to see. To be specific, my film is scheduled on Programme 9, 7 August, 10.30pm-12.30am.

Reel to Real

Real to Real

I would like to think that somehow I still am a Buddhist even though it has been a while since the last time I committed Thai Theravada Buddhist ritual, possibly on my Birthday in Thailand years ago. It is the philosophy not the practice that matters. And it shows on my works.

My latest short film, Memory of You | Reflection of Me, is selected for Reel to Real Short Film Competition. The competition is a part of Buddhist Film Festival as one of events in Buddhist Festival Month. The film will be screened along with other eight short films in the theme “It’s not about me”. The filmmaker will get a chance to talk about their film after each screening. And there will be the judge award as well as the audience award.


2:15 pm – 4 pm, Saturday, 15th May 2010

The Footbridge Theatre, Glebe

Please check their website for full program and purchase tickets

The Screening

The hard work in the past few months on my short film as the major project for Master of Digital Media at College of Fine Arts is done. Memory of You | Reflection of Me has been viewed on a big screen at Chauvel Cinema and to see it in the environment made me sob. There was not a big cheer, just a small pause before applause.

COFA Screening

Unlike other graduates� works, it was not a really entertaining film. Some people walked off in the screening at COFA. I could see why. It was slow and quite long. A nine-and-a-half-minute live action film about depression could hold an attention span in an uncontrollable room at COFA.


However, ultimately, I have told the story and expressed it the way I wanted and it paid off. The film was awarded Computers Now for Best Video at COFA Annual. The prize was very handy for me�a commercial licence of Final Cut Studio.

What is it going from here? Now that the course is finished, I am broke and still living on a dole. I have a casual job at Class Movies for a few weeks. This would help me to duplicate a number of DVDs for the people who helped me on this project (and pay the bills). I will look for film festivals to screen and television channels to broadcast the work. And now I am developing a new project and look for the way to get it funded. Still a long way to go.