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A Letter to Samsung

Dear Samsung Customer Service Manager,

I am writing to express a concern regarding your customer service. I am using Samsung Galaxy S on Virgin Mobile and have been waiting for operating system upgrade to froyo for months. The main reason is that the existing phone operating system, Android 2.1, does not recognise Thai characters as it is my native language. I am also a Mac user and know of the issue of connectivity and compatibility between Mac OS and Android.

After the consistent delay, Samsung finally released the upgrade on Optus Network through Kies, I called the Customer Service and was informed that there was no release for Virgin Mobile users yet. However when I asked if there would be any change in any time frame for Mac users, a blunt answer was no. I also asked for an explanation but what I got from the person was “if you want Mac compatibility, use an iPhone”. At the end of the conversation, the person disconnected the line without leaving a good impression of the service.

Nowhere in the advertisement indicated this issue when I got the phone. I did not realise I could not upgrade my phone OS because I use different computer OS. To tell you the truth, I was quite satisfied with Android and Samsung Galaxy S and did not have a plan to use an iPhone and was considering to purchase a Galaxy Tab instead of an iPad, until I experienced this unpleasant dialogues with your customer service.

I would prefer to be contacted by Samsung and given a satisfied explanation of both the manner of your customer service and Samsung policy to improve the experience of the customers who do not use PCs. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Samsung Galaxy S Test Shots

Stilgherrian kindly gives me a new Android smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S, he got it from the launch to play with since he has already got Telstra HTC Desire. I have been using Nokia N96 for around 18 months. That is amount of time that techno gadgets double their performance in the market. It is very hard for me to convert myself completely to an iPhone or Android even though they have faster processors, cooler appearance, and most of all, much better user interface. The camera features which are more important to me do not convince me.

The image on the left is taking from Samsung whereas the right one is from Nokia. They both are set on the highest resolution and in normal setting. Nokia’s flash is turn off because there is no flash on this Samsung. The outcome look pretty much the same in low light environment for 5-megapixel cameras. However, Samsung produces images that almost double the file size. In this case, they are 1.5 megabyte and 807 kilobyte from Samsung and Nokia, respectively.

Have closer look and you will see how both camera cope in low lighting in a pub. Samsung has a greater aperture and less colour noise. On the other hand, Nokia has more depth of details, sharpness and contrast. It is not just Carl Zeiss lens on Nokia but also the quality of the sensor chip and the jpg compression.

By all means, I am still the process of testing this new toy. Having two smartphones in my pockets is a bit of a wanker for me but it is going to happen to me. The Android’s wide screen and its faster machine is very good for reading but probably not for an artworks, especially spontaneous ones. The question is more about workflow and connectivity. But before we get to that, I might explore more video.